A Cheeseburger that’s better than sex…. well almost….

After watching the Chicago based TV show “Check Please” I was able to find what I would call an orgasmic cheeseburger.  First let me explain, their are certain things in this world I simply LOVE and good food is one them.  Good food doesn’t have to be exotic or expensive some times simple can also be amazing.  Today I found a gem in Evanston, Illinois a hamburger joint called Edzo’s …. I drove 30 minutes each way to get there but it was worth every minute.


 A gourmet burger is kind of the new craze these days. However, what I love about a good burger is that with a little care and patience anyone can do it.  The added touches that a chef provides just manages to take them to the next level.  Ed (the  chef and owner of Edzo’s) manages to make a good burger,  GREAT!  Edzo’s grinds its own beef in house, this makes your burger fresh, juicy with an amazing beefy flavor. What  I would call LOVELY…..You also have the option of updgrading to beef from a particular farm. There’s something about knowing where my burger lived (and died obviously) that I just adore.

I didn’t get exotic this time I wanted to see what the staple Char burger had to offer.  So I ordered my get-over-that-idiot-happy-meal….

Char burger & Cheese fries!!

I ordered this burger cooked medium rare, topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, fried egg, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato and ketchup.  It was abosutely to die for (or perhaps  from?) I couldn’t eat it all since the burger starts with 8ounces of beef to begin with.  The fries were freshly cut, crispy and topped with Mertz cheddar cheese…just like I like em!! Sooooo bad yet Soooooo good!

I’m not a big Milkshake chic but the Milkshakes here are divine with some really interesting ingredients….I will be checking these out next time I head back there!

I had a blast….drowned my “still single blues” in a delightful pile of cheesefries….. Of course today I’m headed to the gym but again no regrets no excuses!!


Lesson Learned:  The perfect cheeseburger and cheesefries can fulfill almost every desire (at least while your eating them!!)


2 thoughts on “A Cheeseburger that’s better than sex…. well almost….

    • Thanks!! It’s definitely worth checking out if your out that way….Also Edzo’s is open Tuesday – Sunday (closed on Mondays) 10:30 – 4:00 (promptly at 4) but I really enjoyed it… Hot Doug’s for sausage & Edzo’s for burgers…

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