Vacation Flings….Fun or Fake?

Sooooo, first I will apologize for not posting at all for the month of July or August….Not quite sure where the time went.  Karma and I promised fun, excitement, thrills and we will deliver it to our readers and ourselves!!! RIGHT KARMA?????  Fall is now upon us…gotta get the love train running before it gets to cold for fun (never:-) .  It would be nice to have some winter romance in front of the fire-place this year, so to step it up a notch I’ve gotten on gonna put internet dating to the test…

To jump-start the excitement, Karma and I went on a road trip.  This was a mini-vacation to celebrate my birthday.  I’m part West Indian (my father’s from Antigua) so we decided to take a road trip to Caribana which is held ever year in Toronto, Canada.  It’s usually the last weekend in July, its parties, a parade with bright costumes and amazing Reggae and Soca music.  WE HAD A BLAST!!!

Now no vacation is complete without a some romance right? So Karma and I got our flirt on…The question is how far should you go when having vacation fun? Does it simply end once you head home? I met 2 really interesting men…both pretty good-looking.  I was to much of a nerd, or punk, or well just plain nervous to “seal the deal” so to speak with either guy.  The irony is that one guy was from the midwest, super nice and SEEMED to really like me we exchanged numbers, I sent a text a few times but heard nothing…. The other guy was sexy, Jamaican, and wouldn’t even give me his last name…he’s the one that keeps in touch.   Sooooo, do you live in the moment have the most fun you can and just let it drop?  I’m not really sure, in the end I was grateful I didn’t let things go further but sometimes I wonder…Nothing ventured nothing gained?

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