Speed Dating….maybe a bit to fast

I recently went to a speed dating event held in the South Loop, here in Chicago. My first, I was a speed dating virgin as they say. Everyone at the event was african-american, employed, and educated (I think) which was cool. All the women were seated and the men rotated which was also cool since I was wearing heels. I must mention here that most of the men were had to be under 5’9 since I seemed to tower over everyone. They coordinators started each “speed date” with an ice breaker question. The ice breaker questions usually sucked and just waisted time in my opinion. I mean if I don’t really care if a guy has an inny or outty.  Then you only had 90 seconds to date.  90 seconds to show the other person how great you are, it was interesting. How do you put your best foot forward in a minute and a half?  That is a skill for sure.  With 90 seconds what do you ask a guy? What do I really need to know?  What is funny is what guys feel the need to tell you in 90 seconds…If its that you smoke weed, you may be a little to ghetto for me.  So no love connection just yet.  I have a dating event coming up next week, this time I will have my 90 second commercial ready to rock and roll!!

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